Building 4 Reopens

Building 4 opened on time and looks beautiful! Here is a picture of member Tricia Bartolotta and her family moving in and her heartwarming Club Cascadas story below:

Cascadas started for us June of 1990 when Tony brought me to Cabo for a surprise anniversary trip. When we were landing all I saw was sand and cactus and I thought he was taking me to the westside of Albuquerque-cactus and sand.

Instead we had our first amazing trip to Cabo. During our stay we visited Cascadas for a timeshare presentation. We were parents of 4 children and this was a great trip for us alone. Tony wanted to buy at Cascadas. I didn’t like timeshares and we had no money. I said no, he said yes. That was 30 years ago. It has become our family happy place two weeks every year in July. There are now 19 of us counting my dad and even without Tony being physically with us, I feel his presence all over and especially in Perla 4. He had the confidence that we could find a way to come here every year to enjoy this piece of paradise and we have, along with sharing it with many of our family and friends.

The new windows with the ocean view are my favorite. This would have been Tony’s favorite as well. He was always about the view. When the small part of the deck was added, he spent every morning out there for coffee and every night reading. The kitchen with its expansion is so amazing. I don’t cook, but it almost makes me want to cook. Overall the beauty, the artistry and the feel of Cascadas is still here but with a whole new upgraded feel. We all love it. I miss Tony terribly but here at Cascadas we continue his Legacy.


Perlita 4