All Things Cascadas March 2022

Cabo COVID Update

COVID continues to decline in Cabo San Lucas. The CDC still requires a negative antigen test to be allowed to fly into the United States, so the Club offers quick and low cost on-site testing as a convenience to our members and guests. Please contact the resort for dates and times for testing.

Since June 2020, the Club has had very, very few guests test positive. When it has happened, the guest is allowed to isolate in any open villa and simply cover the nightly cost of the dues until they receive a negative test. Come on down!

Great news for Canadian members as well! Fully vaccinated individuals are no longer mandated to provide a negative PCR test result, a negative antigen test is only required.

As measures continue changing, we recommend staying up to date with your country’s requirements for entry.

Renting at Club Cascadas

All rentals are now handled through the on-site sales office (Cascadas Vacations Inc a.k.a. CVI). Trading Places will no longer be renting member units at Club Cascadas. Members that cannot come down to enjoy their week and would like to have their Villa rented safely and legally may contact CVI toll free to the on-site office at 1 888 846 5571 or e-mail to Guests looking to visit Club Cascadas are allowed to rent at the non-member rate. Last year the Club Rental Program paid members over $990,000 when the member was not able to use their villa. Warning: Trying to rent using the internet or social media sites continues to be a problem. If the legally required Mexico tax is not paid, the owner of the use time is in violation of Mexican law and can be held liable by the authorities. Not the way you want to spend a vacation in Mexico! All rentals done through the on-site sales office comply with both US and Mexican law and both the member and the rental guest are guaranteed a safe, secure arrangement.

Live Chat on the Club Website

As an additional tool you can now easily chat with an agent or leave a message via the Club Cascadas website. Simply click on the Live Chat icon in the lower right corner on the Club Cascadas website and get all your questions answered quickly and accurately.

Pre-Arrival Form and Services Available

For our members and guests, please remember to let the front desk know you are coming by completing the Pre-Arrival Form found on the Club website at You can also pre-order food and drinks for your Villa, arrange airport transfers, rent a car, make reservations for the restaurant and spa and get your vacation off to a great start.

2021 Stats – Did you Know?

Last year the on-site sales office sold 170 Club owned memberships and provided assistance to 136 members that needed to sell. The sales office returned to members that needed to sell $2.8 million last year. Unheard of in the vacation ownership industry! Cascadas continues to return excellent value for its owners.

Early Arrival Discounted Rate

Rent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before your week and get a discounted rate. You may need to move rooms on Thursday, but more time in Cabo and cheaper airfare make it worth the move. Contact the onsite sales and rental office to make reservations at 1 888 846 5571 or

Ties with the Community

Club Cascadas understands the importance of not only taking care of the premises, but also to stay involved in activities that contribute to the overall well-being of the city and measures that will also benefit the areas where some of the staff members live or spend a portion of their spare time.

Bearing that in mind, Cascadas actively participates on beach cleaning campaigns, cleaning and restoring parks and recreation centers in town, help to take care of the boulevard from the main road to the resort, cleaning campaigns upstream on the arroyo to prevent garbage and debris dragging into the bay and others.

As a result, in a ceremony held at El Tule beach, the Municipality invited the Club to be provided with a recognition for its efforts and participation in the commemoration on the World Environmental Education Day.

The recognition was accepted by Jesus Cruz (Head of Security) on behalf of Club Cascadas being handed over by the Los Cabos Mayor.

We take a moment to thank the members, without them, none of this would be possible and it is our pleasure to serve the resort and the destination.

Construction Underway

We are excited about renovations this year as 15 Villas will be fully remodeled for our members and guests to enjoy. The construction began as scheduled on week 5 this year with Building 6 plus Perlitas 2, 3 and 5.

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused by the construction, particularly during the demo process, we are understanding and will continue to move forward as quickly as possible.

Renovations in 2022 are scheduled to be completed by the end of week 49 and seeing the smiles and happy faces of members when the Villas are reopened, and they get to tour the Villa makes it all worth it.

For your convenience, you may find the full schedule on the Members Corner of the website along with the planned calendar for the buildings pending renovations. For further information, please feel free to contact us at

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

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