All Things Cascadas

All Things Cascadas Summer 2024

Welcome to the Summer Edition of All Things Cascadas. Our way of keeping you updated on beautiful Club Cascadas de Baja

Summertime Fun…. And lower rates!

Summertime at Cascadas is the perfect time for multi-generation family vacations with fun adventures for everyone. Club Cascadas is the perfect place to do it all or do nothing at all but rest and enjoy life.

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All Things Cascadas Spring 2024

Welcome to the Spring Edition of All Things Cascadas. Our way of keeping you updated on beautiful Club Cascadas de Baja

2024 The Year of No Construction

After almost six years of constant renovation work, we’re almost done! There will be no renovation work in 2024. Over the years we completed the construction of three new two-bedroom villas, added a new bathroom to the middle pool area,

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All Things Cascadas November 2023

Happy Holidays to all

Cascadas is a wonderful place to be for the holidays. Either to celebrate with family and friends or to get away from family and friends! Either way, come down to enjoy the warmth of Mexico and its people. To check availability or make reservations, contact the onsite rental office toll-free at 1 (888) 856-4471 or email

Toy Drive

Every year at Christmas the Club puts up a tree in the lobby,

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All Things Cascadas November 2022

Welcome to our next Edition of All Things Cascadas The occasional update on beautiful Club Cascadas de Baja

New Margarita Villas with Elevator

After a year of research, evaluation and member input, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to build a new villa on buildings 16 and 17 as part of the Club’s renovation plan for 2023. And the exciting news is these two buildings will have an elevator added to access the Escondido,

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All Things Cascadas May 2022 Edition

The Cabo Art Walk is this month’s HOT TOPIC

A local tradition that cannot be missed is The Art Walk in San José del Cabo. This popular event is held weekly every Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. starting in November through the end of July.

The event is free and provides for an opportunity to try some wine, sample cheese, stroll through the streets of downtown San Jose while visiting the many art galleries in the area and interact with the top artists and gallery owners.

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All Things Cascadas March 2022

Cabo COVID Update

COVID continues to decline in Cabo San Lucas. The CDC still requires a negative antigen test to be allowed to fly into the United States, so the Club offers quick and low cost on-site testing as a convenience to our members and guests. Please contact the resort for dates and times for testing.

Since June 2020, the Club has had very, very few guests test positive. When it has happened,

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All Things Cascadas Fall 2021

COVID Continues to Decline in Cabo

COVID cases continue to decline in Cabo San Lucas along with many parts of the world. As of October 7, 2021 the Club was able to lift some of the restrictions as appropriated. Starting in January 2021, every member or guest staying at Club has been required to take an antigen test before returning to the U.S. That means close to 14,000 tests have been performed onsite.

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All Things Cascadas May 2021

COVID Update

CCdB employees wearing face masks

Club continues to thrive in spite the ongoing COVID concerns. Staff continue to take full health and safety measures including enhanced cleaning, social distancing, mandatory mask wearing and a lot more.

At the present time and per CDC requirements, Members and guests returning to the U.S. are still required to have a negative COVID antigen test no more than 72 hours before their flight.

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All Things Cascadas October 2020

News from the Front   

Outdoor Area

Our occupancy keeps growing and Members and guests that have come down have reported how impressed they are with the health and safety protocols at the airports, on the planes and especially at Club Cascadas.  COVID-19 cases are on the decline in Cabo. Come on down!   If you missed your week this year because the resort was closed from week 13 to week 26,

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