All Things Cascadas October 2020

News from the Front   

Outdoor Area

Our occupancy keeps growing and Members and guests that have come down have reported how impressed they are with the health and safety protocols at the airports, on the planes and especially at Club Cascadas.  COVID-19 cases are on the decline in Cabo. Come on down!   If you missed your week this year because the resort was closed from week 13 to week 26, please remember that the Board has authorized the use of an Association owned villa at no cost.  This is only being offered to Members that paid their dues in 2020 but could not use their villa due to the resort closure.  To make reservations, e-mail or call Barbara Montgomery in the U.S. at 661 304 1309.  

Travel Insurance is Now Available  

Club Cascadas, through its sales subsidiary, has reached an agreement with West Coast Travel Insurance to provide personalized travel insurance to protect the costs of your trip including your maintenance fee payment if you are unable to travel, or even if you just decide you do not feel safe traveling.   Watch for details on your maintenance fee statement and on your reservation confirmation, or visit the website they created for Club Cascadas Members.

Early Arrival Discount  

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Because airlines have reduced their flight frequencies from some cities and often times the price of tickets can be less when traveling on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, the Club is offering Early Arrival Discounted rental rates for these three nights.  You will be confirmed into a “Run of House” one-bedroom unit. A few days before you arrive, we make final room assignment making every effort to put you into your own villa if it’s available, or a villa close to yours for easy moving on Thursday.  To make reservations, simply e-mail your dates to or call the sales office toll free 1 888 846 5571 or contact Barbara in the U.S. at 661 304 1309.

Los Cabos Tourism and Club Cascadas   

Pool Area

Our own COO, Mauricio Quezada, was invited to speak in a live webinar speaking on the health and safety protocols put in place at Club Cascadas and the destination to keep everyone safe.  The webinar is part of the marketing strategy of the Los Cabos Tourism Board to help improve traveler confidence that coming to Los Cabos is not as scary, or risky and the media has portrayed it. Literally hundreds of Members and guests have come down to Club since we reopened in June. You may view the webinar or visit your Member’s Corner. For a host of information on the area, please visit

New Two Bedroom Villa with Jacuzzi   

Sales of the new ground floor villa Defin J with private jacuzzi are underway with pre-sale discounts. This villa will open in June 2021 and it is unique, the only one of its kind. For information on pre-sale pricing and availability, please contact your sales agent on-site toll-free at 1 888 846 5571, or e-mail   Trade-ins are not currently accepted, but you can put your name on a waitlist to trade in next year if your desired week is still available. Please clickView the floorplan here.

Limited Time Sales Special 


All remaining summer inventory owned by the Club is being offered at deeply discounted pricing to our Members and their guests. These discounted prices end this year. If you or your friends and family might have interest in picking up a beautiful villa in summer or spring, this is a great opportunity.   Pricing starts as low as $1500 for a one bedroom plus tax and closing. The program ends December 31, 2020.

Risks and Considerations in Trying to Conduct a Private Rental or Sale

Beach View

We often are asked, “can’t I rent or buy a unit privately to save money?” The answer is ‘not really.’ Your Board of Directors sent a letter to all members advising of the risks and costs associated with trying to do private transactions. A copy of the letter can be found here or visit your Member’s Corner on the website. We have had multiple guests show up to use the same villa they thought they had rented. We have also had rental guests that paid to use a villa, they were denied the use, then they couldn’t get a refund from the Member. There have also been instances of guests who were not notified of the construction going on by the person they rented from. We have also had guests try to buy units that were not owned by the person advertising on the internet. Trying to save a few dollars on a private rental and finding yourself at the front desk with no reservation is NOT a fun way to start your vacation.  Paying the legally required taxes in Mexico is difficult for non-residents. There is a 16% IVA tax, PLUS a 31% personal income tax. The resort does not recommend private transactions when taxes are not paid. If you rent or sell privately, it is at your own risk and you take your chance of being caught and penalized. Your Board recommends using the services offered by Cascadas Vacations Inc, our on-site sales and rental company. Our sole purpose is to serve the owners of Club Cascadas.

When Cascadas Vacations, Inc handles the rental or sale, taxes are paid and a fair commission is paid to cover the expenses and to compensate the agents doing the work, but your transaction is safe, legal and guaranteed. All profits from the sales and rental program go right back into the Club to benefit everyone.  For more information, please contact Sales Director Dave Stoenner in California 949 640 8742, or e-mail  He’s been directing the sales and rentals for Club Cascadas for over 25 years and he is happy to explain the risks and challenges of private transactions and the benefits of using the Club’s programs. 

Car Rental Promo Exclusively for Cascadas Members

Car Rental

Ten Car Rental is a GROUNDBREAKING Car Rental Company which promises to achieve excellence in its service, under the philosophy of offering transparency in our rates, with special benefits and promotions for all CASCADAS DE BAJA OWNERS. We try to satisfy your car rental needs to provide you with the opportunity to feel the freedom to enjoy Los Cabo

TEN CAR RENTAL has a “Cascadas Unique Rate” scheme, in other words, it has one single rate that includes:

  • Free Mileage
  • “No Worries” Protection Program, (full coverage, 0% deductible)
  • Taxes
  • No drop off charge

You can make your reservation on our web page entering the code PROM_8CASCADAS, you will find special rates designed exclusively for Cascadas members.
Or you can call toll free to our Call Center where Paco is going to be more than happy to assist you in your car rental needs

USA (877) 836-2271 | MEX (800) 836-2274 | LOS CABOS +52 (624) 172-240

Ten Car Rental is committed to providing customers a safe traveling. Therefore, we have been working on a cleaning and sanitization program called “Purple Safety Program” which will be focused on disinfecting our locations and vehicles. The program’s main objective is to make the customer feel confident when renting a car with us. All our vehicles are sealed and certified after undergoing the cleaning process to be delivered to our customers completely DISINFECTED with ECOLAB Products.

Purple Safety Program
We are clean, we are ready

Questions or Comments???

We value each and every Member and guest. If you have a question or concern related to Club Cascadas or Cabo San Lucas, simply reply to this email or email and the right team member will get back to you with an answer.

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